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The "Safer at Home" emergency order was officially extended by the Evers administration. The order will now remain in effect until May 26th, 2020. This order requires people in Wisconsin to stay in their homes if they're not performing essential activities such as going to the doctor, getting necessary services or supplies, participating in outdoor activities, working in an essential business or taking care of others. The order also requires the closure of so-called "nonessential" businesses as deemed by the state. There are many exceptions, including grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and medical facilities.

Conference this November 2-5

If you haven't heard, the conference that was in March has been rescheduled this November. Additionally, there is also a new way to attend! You can either attend virtually or in person at the...

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DSPS COVI19 Updates and Information

Please use the following link to go to the DSPS website where you can get up to date information on DSPS programs and operations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Extension of expiring credentials

DSPS has established a waiver process for individuals who's credentials expire in 2020.  Please click here to find out more information.

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The Wisconsin Electrical Code changed on January 1, 2020

The Wisconsin Electrical Code changed on January 1, 2020 implementing the 2017 National Electrical Code as it relates to one and two-family dwellings within the scope of the Wisconsin Uniform...

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